Sunday, October 26, 2014

Sunday Already

Time really flies here and it always surprises us. Blink, it's the morning, blink it's night. We need to slow it down a bit.

I've been getting itchy feet and keep thinking I want to get on the road. I probably have said that before, however, we are in a great spot and saving money so we will stay til January at least.

Our view from our front window is looking right out to the lake. Perfect!

Ci Ci Blue is on the left side of the picture. The white rig next to us left this morning.

Went to my Doctors on Friday to find out about a weird looking mole and my thyroid levels. All was fine so that was good. I'll see him just before we take off to recheck.

Today Roger went off to the bar to watch the Patriot's game with friends. I need to finish so much work so I stayed with the kids.

I'll be working outside tomorrow morning so I have room to move my arms around. Still on that learning curve as far as working in the rig. I'll get it. At least when I work on my copper I can sit and be comfy.

Have a great night all!! I'll definitely show you tomorrow my FINISHED work. lol 


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