Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Yeah..They're All Scanned

They are scanned!! 12 new pages of the 24 page comic. I am thrilled. Tomorrow I will resize them all and fit them in the template for Createspace. Roger found the original book cover we made earlier when I thought it would be a smaller edition, but then it so needed the "adventure" in this one. The cover will still be perfect and I'll use it throughout the series.

Met a couple on the other side of the park here today. (two lanes over).  Diane and Bob. They have a 5th wheel and have been full timing for 18 months now. In that 18 months they have been all over and gave me great info on places to see and what to actually miss. Sadly, the southwest is in a real drought and economically suffering from it. Diane said the Rio Grande is way down and in some areas streams and rivers are dried and bare. Tomorrow morning they are heading to the western part of Florida to a campground they thought looked really nice. They have a Lab/Golden mix that Lola has been spying for days. She has been woofing at him from afar! Oh-oh!!! ;-)

Roger figured that six times around the park equals 1 mile. We see "biking man" riding everyday so we decided since we did bring our bikes, we should use them. (Biking man, we found out is Lee and has the Bounder RV down by the dog park).

After Roger came back I went and did my mile. I am learning to slow and chat as I roll by people then coming around again to finish the sentence. The park people probably call me "crazy lady". Oh well.

So, guess what we are having for dinner tonight!!?? It's pizza on the grill night. I am sooo excited. Roger is known back at the sticks and bricks and even in Scotland for his oven pizza now he's discovered a new way of making it. The kids are too as they get crusts! Yummy!!

Tomorrow is Roger's day out. An escape day! Since we still aren't comfortable leaving the dogs alone for long periods we take escape days! Tomorrow Roger gets his massage and can do some stuff. Staples for printer inks and going to the Post Office to put in a search request for our missing mail. We changed our address to a Florida mail service that ships it to us but, hmm, something has gone amiss.  Thankfully everything pertaining to the Coach is done directly through our bank.

And what will I do on Roger's day out? Paint, paint, paint. Hopefully a good show and tell tomorrow night for you!

So have a great night, time for the kids to piddle and have their dinner.


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