Sunday, October 5, 2014

Cool Air Comes To Florida

This is Sammy. He's our anxious boy.  I have to say I am so proud of him since we have started to travel.
I have told you how I bought the Dazer II, the high pitched frequency unit, and used it to correct pulling and barking issues. Now when we sit outside, as we did today and a dog walks by, Sammy sits and looks rather than barking and lunging.  (yes this image will soon be in oils! And of course you know all images are protected under copyright)

So, yesterday I went down to see what was left over from the estate sale.  My friend Judy came in the house with me so I wouldn't faint. Oh ya...a mess. I quickly ran through the house and grabbed my Lab paintings that didn't sell and some cups and saucers that were my grandmothers. Looked for my older hiking boots but they had sold.  Boo. The dish washer had been sold. In it's place now were about 25 tennis balls that Ozzie had lost during the course of hid life in the house. I took 4 for him.  That will be another painting soon to appear. Ozzie and his tennis balls.

I drove over to my storage place and placed the paintings inside, went through the drive thru at Dunkin Donuts, and started the trek up RT. 95 north to home.

When I was a wee one if you asked me what I wanted to be I would say an Artist.  My parents wanted me to be a school teacher or as my Mum thought, a secretary.  (They came to be very proud of their artist daughter before they moved on.)  An artist with ADHD. That being said and as they knew, I have always had a tough time with reality as others may see it. (e.g. Roger)  After I returned home last night I got a headache and chills and just wanted to sleep.  :-(  Seeing the house like that and knowing it was now in the past was difficult even though it was my decision.  Last night in bed Sammy snugged up close and gave little kisses. Sweet boy understands.

Today it is "chilly" outside and sunny so I pulled down our outside awnings and we have our chairs and mat out. Roger tied the wire cords we hitch the kids too around the picnic table and out we went with our morning coffee. They loved being with us and the morning was amazing.  Truly living the dream today.

Tomorrow, painting!! Another cool day so I can work outside with everyone. I'll have a show and tell for you tomorrow afternoon...

Have a great football Sunday and GO Pats!! (Please God can they play better than they did last week...please!)


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