Sunday, November 9, 2014

And Now, Please Meet Wilson

Oh NOooooo, I hear you saying..they got a new dog?? No, Roger went shopping and bought Sammy...

A new soccer ball for the park!!!

He was so excited! So off we went today to the dog park in drizzly weather.

And he's ready for the play to begin!!!

Lola seems to be the one who loves this game. Sammy is working fast to get out of her way. HA!

But then something caught Lola's attention that was even more interesting as I groan. "Lola..COME!"

"You want me there Mum?"


"Here I commmme!"

Thankfully there is a hose right outside of the dog park that I can hose her down. Her legs and paws were just caked with mud and she was happy. Dog collars back on and leads and we started back. Ozzie leaves his tennis ball at the park but when we told Sam to leave Wilson at the park til later and declined and actually carried the ball all the way home to the rig.

I had to pry it from his jaws when we got inside then put it in the closet. What a goof.!

Last night here at the park was movie night. Wendy, the owner, made sloppy Joes and deviled eggs and had chips abounding. We all bring what we want to drink and sat down to watch "Lone Survivor". The projector was making a funny noise and just as the movie started to catch my attention the projector died. There was a group, "nooooooo" heard then we all gathered and went home to our various rigs. Roger turned on the football game and I went into bed with all the dogs, (Oh why do they follow me all the and watched British TV shows. So it was a good night all around.

A new week....a commission to finish, a massage tomorrow morning then an eye app't and lunch with a friend at the end of the week. Fun. 

Hope your week is full of fun things. Have a great night...til tomorrow!!


  1. was that a turtle in the grass in front of Lola at the mud puddle? Bet she would have loved to play with that. Let's do lunch when you don't have appointments and deadlines for commissions. We can meat halfway for both of us at the Mansion.
    Love reading about your adventures.

  2. I'd love to meet you Kaye!!! Let me see how next week looks. Fun.xx