Monday, November 24, 2014

Counting Down To Thanksgiving

Labragourd! I think I laughed throughout the whole process. Silly but fun! But a great piece of Christmas.

I received two more commissions yesterday to do by Christmas so I'll be massively busy for the next few weeks. Since they are gifts I won't be able to show you all of them but one I will be able to. 

Remember when I painted Labs 24/7? Well Sammy is giving me inspiration all over again. Look at this pose. One of my first large paintings was of Sophie sprawled out on our couch and I fell in love with this one. (thanks Soph Soph)  You'll see this maybe soon or right after Christmas! 

We just got back from the dog park and I took this photo. A warm light on this warm evening. What a view! An RV came in this afternoon and actually complained about how desolate and far away the RV Park was from everything. I guess they were looking for the parks with everything under the sun to keep them busy every moment of the day. Too bad. I bet they will miss the egrets flying in soon to land in the tree across from us on the lake. The birds sleep there at night and what a sight it is when they come in. Everyone is different I know and each place is too. Just don't miss what the "far away and desolate" park has to offer.

Our neighbor brought us slow cooked chicken again tonight so I'm off to have it along with Roger's German potato salad that he made! Yummy.

Have a great evening and don't miss the little things life is showing you.