Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Veteran's Day

Thank you to all who have served. 

Roger is an ex submariner. He served for 6 years during the Cold War and as Vietnam was going on. Our neighbor and friend here at Crystal Lake Rv Park, Larry, was a marine in Nam during those years and has PTSD as many veterans do. When ever I meet a vet I thank them for their service. They gave more than we can ever imagine for our safety.

Finished commission awaiting it's frame. 12" x 12" oil on copper. This Friday I will get the frame and hopefully get together with it's owner. 

Hmm, I may just add a speck of light in the corner of the right( as you look at it) eye. Just a speck.

I do have more commissions to do but I may take a week to play. (Or finish my daughter's B-day gift and my grand daughters. Oops).  I will say I'm grateful to be busy with work! :-)

If you are interested in getting a portrait done please look at the bar across the top of the blog that says Commissions . It will give you the information or you can just email me at MY EMAIL

Roger is making pizza again tonight. Woohoo. 

Well have a great night..I'm awaiting a shipment of my books from Amazon so hopefully they may arrive tomorrow! 



  1. Your artistisic ability amazes me! Love the picture. Please continue sharing them.

  2. Hello...came across your site, and it's very adorable. Just love your beautiful RV, CiCi Blue? How long is it? It looks like a 30 footer or so? Beautiful. My daughter and I plan on purchasing a Class C sometime by the end of next year and hitting the road as well. We hate renting apartments, and rates on houses are ridiculous. Anyway, keep up all the postings! Blessings!- D.Dieckmann-