Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Terri's Paper Mache Class

On February 12, my friend Terri Malloy, is going to teach a paper mache class.  In preparation we need to take a side photo of our dogs. When you go to her Face Book page you will see her beautiful work.

I met Terri on Facebook then she came here to the RV Park and we get to do artsy stuff together and she's helping with my over exuberant Lola ,who feels she needs to protect us from everything that passes by the dog park.

So tonight I brought my camera to the park and started, or tried, to take pics of sammy seating looking in one direction.

Lola says, "What about this pose Mum?"

Sammy has always done a nice come right up to me, but then had to watch what Roger was doing. 

Of course Ozzie had to leap into the mix. Woohoo, what about this pose Mum?

Finally, I got Sammy hoisted up onto the picnic table.  I pointed to my eyes and told him, "watch". He's so good. 

"Ya, I'm cool!!", says Sammy. "I'm going to be a paper mache dog!" 

He then jumped off and was so very happy to do so! 

Another chilly night here in Florida then it will start to warm back up. Hopefully not too warm!! 

Hope everyone in the Blizzard area is safe and warm. Glad it's over.


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