Saturday, January 17, 2015

Chili Cook Off Day

Today is Chili cook off day at the RV Park. Roger is busy cooking and as I biked around the park earlier I could get the smells coming from the coaches.

This is Glen. Glen was the young man who saved the puppy. Our neighbor in the coach behind us gave me a few small things for the pup and I brought them down for him.

And this is Ruby! What a difference in this little girl. She's about 8 weeks old here and doing so well. Glen got her a small collar and lead so I could bring her outside and not run my legs off as she explores the world.  I asked Glen if she would be a hunter and he responded, "as long as she's not spoiled"  Oh-oh. So now I go dowe, take her out and then give her a quick kiss so I get puppy breath then put her back in her snuggy bed.

A few minutes ago a large class A came into the park. We were having lunch and I looked out and saw the rear mud flap. Country Coach . I dropped everything as it started to move, jumped on my bike and off I went to see. Mark, the man down by the dog park was driving it in so I went right over. "OMG,'s a Country Coach..what year?" "1987", he said. "and in great condition, I think it may be a good one." That started my spiel of looking and researching for over a year and yes indeed, he did get a great one. Yes, I got a tour inside. The wood was gorgeous, the rug? magenta, but that could go. Huge bathroom, huge bedroom with windows on each side. So much light. Country Coach built solid rigs. Can you tell I'm excited. hahaha. He said it drove like a dream and has low miles. I didn't ask about the generator miles but I'm sure he'll figure it all out. It looks like it had been in a covered area since the outside was in good condition.  I laugh because who ever thought I'd ever get excited over a vehicle!!! 

Roger's painting from our class. I love his detail and color. 

Mine. I think I like Roger's better!  It's fun to see how we both approach the same subject!

So, today is Chili cook off day. Tomorrow I'll do a show and tell of that, but for now I'm going to try and get rid of an oncoming headache. ugh. Must be because it's a sunny day.



  1. Great paintings you two.... Is there a RedBerry nearby for after class?

  2. I like both,two different moods of the same subject,very nice,xx Rachel
    Sorry I have been around much been busy,xx