Monday, October 3, 2016

Monday Monday

The day started with taking the kids out then cleaning the park bathrooms, then off to have blood work done. Nothing serious, just checking on cholesterol and other levels. I've been watching what I eat closely so I'm confident that my levels are going down to safe numbers. I arrived at Lab Corp and..waited...and waited. It seems like there's a lot of fun things going on in back but nothing to do with the 7 people waiting with me out front. When I finally was called to see what I was there for then to wait again, I had the wrong paperwork.   The Scream face here please. Thankfully I had a mug of coffee in the car waiting for me.

Home to paint. I can't do the show and tell as yet because it's a surprise for my clients husband. Next week it will be there so I can show you then. I'm pleased.

I missed National Black Dog Day and Sammy was crushed that his picture wasn't posted. So, in honor of the NBDD, here is Sammy!! Can't you tell he's much happier now.

This is the latest report from the 4 o'clock news on Hurricane Mathew.  See the little bump just above "Orlando"? That's Cape Canaveral. A bit above that bump is us. The worst winds always go to the right of the storm but we will get tropical storm winds on our side.  At times those winds equal strong winds. My mind is racing to remember what I have in storage and if I should go and get somethings out, but then, where would I put said things.  Remembering they are just "Things".  It's all good. My mother's antique chair is in there and if I know my Mum, her spirit will be hovering over it protecting it. ;-)

So time now for the kids dinner!! Lola tells me when her alarm clock goes off on her "wrist". Have a great night and see you tomorrow!! 


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