Sunday, July 23, 2017

A Little Bit Of New Hampshire

This weekend more people arrived and parked in sites along Lola and my regular route. Hmm, I need a different way so we don't run into their pups. I'm sure they all have their vaccines but then why chance it.

Just to the left of our site there is a road back with other units and it leads out to our field! Now it has become our favorite way to walk.

Maybe I didn't appreciate it when we lived here but now it's magical or it's how I see my life now. Simple. Quiet. Walking, which I couldn't do in Florida but now Lola leads the way up the hills and then walks beside me on flat ground.

The wind this morning is cool and the only thing I hear is a falling seed from one of the trees into the brush below, (they are a bit large) and the rustle of the tall grasses beside me as I walk. The campground must be still asleep and I'm loving the peacefulness.

Near the top of the hill there are remains of an old stone wall that one sees throughout New England.

Even this has beauty. Probably trees cut right from our site at one time. Lola wanted to go sniff but we declined. I'm always thinking snakes but there are probably quite a few ticks from the pathway to the logs. We have found three so far, not on them but on us. All three kids are on Trifexis and it seems to be working. Ticks get a free ride in then try us out.

At the end of our walk back to our site we find this.  It's what happens when you forget to weed wack.
Not really, it just never made it into the campground.

So, lazy quiet day here. Lola is at my feet napping, Sammy on the couch and Ozzie is outside with Roger. After our walk Roger and I had our coffee outside and actually got a chill. 66 degrees this morning. Heaven.

Outside our dinning room window and just beyond the flag is the entrance to our "field". 

Well, time to paint or read maybe.  Since we have good Internet here I was able to buy a book on my paperwhite. Erik Larson's Isaac's Storm. I had read another book by this author about the Lusitania and really enjoyed his style of writing.  Isaac's Storm is about the deadliest hurricane in history in Galveston, TX in the 1900's.  If you are fascinated by weather you will love reading this book. Sometimes a bit technical but important to see how Isaac Cline, who worked for the Weather Bureau, foretold and tried to warn the people of Galveston of the impending storm.  A little eerie as I am reading that heat conditions in America at that time and throughout the world were similar to what they are today. Thankfully we have a great weather bureau to give us advanced notice. 

Ok, have a great day everyone and see you tomorrow!



  1. Thanks for sharing your posts. Be careful of the ticks. I, who recovered from a bad case of Lyme Disease from a bite I got in Provincetown, Ma. will never walk in tall grass or woods again. We were in California Redwoods last month and I got bit again! But this guy was bigger and clunky, so when he bit I said 'ouch' and picked him out. The Provincetown tick was very sleuthful and tiny, and had a factory going on my body for a week before I found him, after being sick for a week from unknown reasons.

    1. Remember you told me about the Lyme. These guys have been big but we do the body check each time we come in. Scary! I know those teeny ones are out there! Xx