Friday, July 28, 2017

Friday's Odds And Ends

Years ago, when my two children were teens, we lived in a New Englander house. Cellar, first floor, second floor then attic with steep stairs. They had rooms in the attic area. Little known factoid, I took jazz and modern dance classes when they were 7 and 5 😲 and for years after wore my ballet slippers. One day I was up there chatting with my son and started down the stairs. He said I switched gears half way down the steps and as a result, now my hip is starting to fall apart.

This is how I sometimes start my day. Sacral blocks to get my pelvis to drop on one side and stop hurting. That was this morning.  It works and saves me from going to the chiropractor every other day.
Took Lola out for her morning walk and as she pulls me up the hill, my gait gets a bit easier. My service girl.

Oh yes, this will be a painting. I'm having a love affair with those Queen Anne Laces I tell ya! Our plan for bathing and grooming Lola today was lost. Roger painted the bays and I prepared two 5" x 7" watercolor pieces for painting.

Over the years I have painted these beauties in oil and their Mum asked for smaller watercolor pieces for hanging in a room she is redecorating. I've been working with a new watercolor paint called Qor. (pronounced core) They are made by Golden Artists paints and have a binder that allows the paint to stay vibrant. Watercolors usually dry so much lighter so I am loving these. I did the small watercolor ACEO yesterday using these Qor watercolors.

So, this morning while I was having coffee and thinking of the large watercolor piece I need to dive into and possibly doing a bit larger pieces, yes, I ordered a larger set of Qor paints.

Oh just look at all those colors!!! My friend Lou has them and she is having so much fun with them! 

Hmm, what's this? It's dough rising for Roger"s pizza! Our Friday night feast. And yes, it's delicious. Pics tomorrow!!

Have a great night everyone...see you tomorrow and hopefully we will have a clean and groomed Lola.


"What...I think I smell ok,,I think it's your issue guys!!"


  1. Sorry that you have problems with your hip. At least you have a solution with those blocks that works for you. Tell Lola I think she looks beautiful :)

  2. They really help. Thanks Anne. Lola says thank you. ;)

  3. Spa morning for Cooper and Belle. They are both grateful ��

  4. I'm sorry that a single moment on a steep stair created havoc later for you. Sometimes it's all we can do to find brevity in the moments that changed our lives for the better (like the day I finally met you!). I wish I could take away your pain. I'm glad you find relief with the blocks, and that your service pup is a good therapist 🤓🐕. Love your blog! Love you too!