Wednesday, July 5, 2017


Yes, it's true! Yesterday was to have been the day but since we never practiced getting the car onto the tow dolly, it took us more time than we thought. (A good 45 minutes actually. I drove on, then backed off....we did that quite a few times! Now we know!) By the time we were to head out it would have brought us right into the middle of Jacksonville traffic.

Leaving the campground for real! Yesterday was tears and farewells day but today was a bit of laughing and hugs. This morning we had a bit of an issue with our tow dolly brakes and our bested ever friend came over to help us out then told us to just goooo. So, Roger took the coach half way down the road as I watched the lights. Thankfully he stopped so I could jump on and our adventure began.

I'm not accustomed to being the passenger in the gold fish bowl of the RV and since we have had so many issues, I was white knuckled for about a good hour until we got to St Augustine for our first stop. Yes, that's the charge for half a tank of diesel. Flying J has a card that you use then they send you a bill. That way you get a small breather as you travel. It's also 10% off.

Our tire traker. That was my one "must have" item before we moved. Living next to I 95 for so long I heard many many tire blowouts. With the tire traker it actually gives you the heads up so to speak. It will let you know if your tire is loosing air or over heating so you can get off the road safely. Well worth it! It's positioned over my chair so I can keep an eye on it.

Our co pilots!

Thank you for visiting Florida. Our visit was for 18 years. Time to move on! 

It's the official start of our adventure!! CiCiBlue ran beautifully. Before we left I put that white light of protection around her and she was fine. Also Roger did fantastic with towing the car for the first time.

The heat is over 100 here and there is the entrance to the park we are staying at for the night. We arrived around 3 P.M. ,pulled into our site, hooked up and then I called firsties for the shower!!!

View from our front window. It's a level slab with hookups and a grill and a picnic table. Not that we will be using it but it's a nice feature. A huge pool, that right now every person in the park is in it. Large laundry facilities Internet!!! Their monthly rate is 600.00 for the works! Not bad.

Ok, going to have my wine and chill. We forgot we didn't even have breakfast this morning! lol.

Tomorrow we will be in South Carolina!! See you then and please keep sending good vibes as we travel!!



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