Tuesday, July 18, 2017

One Magical Moment

When we were in Florida, Jeopardy came on at 7:00 P.M. and when the kids heard the theme song for Wheel, they knew it was time to go out for their nightly walk.  In N.H. Wheel comes on first and we go out then.

Lola and I walk up the hill sniffing every stick and every tuft of grass until we get to this field.  There's a small rise and we go up and start our walk. It's peaceful with some birds over head and you may see a car away in the distance but it's not heard.

We walked out further than usual then I looked down into the left hand corner of the field. Past the log pile line of trees to the very edge of that tree line in the distance. Since I have had cataract surgery Roger calls me eagle eyes because I see clearer and further than ever, but the brown image I saw I wasn't sure what I was truly looking at. Was it a box in the trees with some kind of tree branch on top? I think I told myself that so I wouldn't be disappointed but I knew right away what we were looking at and what was looking back at us. A deer. My "tree branch" was indeed a head with ears and my "box" was the body. With the amount of distance she had to be a good size.

Lola and I walked out a bit more to see if she would move but she stayed firm. Unfortunately I didn't bring my phone to take a photo, of all times. We had a staring match for about 5 minutes then Lola and I started to return to the place we first came up onto the filed and that's when she shook her head, turned and gracefully lept into the woods.  The tell tale white tail bouncing along with her. Call me crazy but I just said, "Thank you Dad".  My Dad loved driving up through N.H. and Vermont looking at the scenery and trying to find deer so I took it as a loving gift from him. (I also thanked all the saints and Heavens just to cover all!)

Across from the field are the Queen Anne Lace I took pictures of the other day. 

We still haven't finished set up for the coach. Wheel covers need to be put on and our tire monitors taken off. We are finishing up our eggs so we can use the carton to place them in and keep track of which one goes on which wheel.

Getting back into the rhythm...an ACEO. 3.5" x 2'5" 
watercolor and gouache on 300 lb paper
"I Think He's Got It"

Eventually I will be doing this in oils. I love Lab backs especially with their dangling tails!

Humid today with a bit of rain but oh so much cooler than Florida. I'm happy.

Have a great night everyone and see you tomorrow!


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