Wednesday, July 19, 2017

It's Been One Week

It has been!! One week today that we arrived at the campground and settled it.  We needed to celebrate so this morning after walking the dogs we took our coffee and breakfast and sat outside and enjoyed!

No dogs asking for a handout but we did have Ozzie's nose poke through the bathroom window screen. Ugh. Roger repaired it in no time and all is well again. How dare we eat something without their help.

After breakfast I took my paints outside and worked a bit on commissions until it got too sunny Nothing like Florida but with no shade at my table it was a bit much. Hmm, umbrella?
Tonight we are going over to our daughters for dinner. What a treat to be able to say that. It's been a long time since we were close enough to do that so I'm really looking forward to it.

Last night on Lola and my walk I took some photos of my favorite "weed" for future reference.

Please no stealing the photos are copyrighted.  

Another fun thing happened too, 3 of my new ACEO's sold and today are off to their new home. Thank you!! I'll be doing more!

Well that's it for today. Time to snug with dogs for a bit and go over stuff for tomorrow!
Have a great night!!



  1. Don't let anyone see Roger pouring fake syrup on his pancakes.... here in the Granite State, to not use real NH maple syrup is a capital offense.

    1. Oh oh!!! How quick we forget!!! Shhhhh. I'll call you from the pokey!!💞

  2. Queen Anne's Lace. I love them. We let them grow along Matt's shop building and anywhere else we can think of.The two pictures you took are beautiful. I am very interested in your recreation of them.