Sunday, July 27, 2014

Our TV Mod

So in between walking the kids to the dog park, sorting out things in the basement, Roger, with my little help, did our TV mod in the RV bedroom!!!

Roger took out the old TV that was installed in our motorhome. He purchased a piano hinge and had a slab of wood from an armoire that matched perfectly to the space.  He then attached the bracket to hang the tv only to find out there's not enough space (headroom) to insert the TV.  Being a McGiver of sorts he then super glued (Loc tight) the screws into the mounting panel and had me hold the tv. 

Making the back holes a slight bit larger so we could see the holes...He tightened the bolts and voila'!!!  

It opens to give us more storage space in back of the tv. I am impressed!! Now, he's installing a lock on it so it doesn't swing out and it will stay closed.  Next project is to figure how to keep it safe and secured during travel.

So a good day and no rain..yet!!

During all our labors, Queen Lola rested. It's tough being a dog with us!!!


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