Friday, July 18, 2014

Yeah Blue Sky Is Coming

I bet you think the rains have stopped by that title.  They actually have today which is very nice. We took the kids down to the dog park after Roger got home and there were puddles everywhere. Oh happy happy babies.  Lola ran her zoomies through the puddles splashing everywhere. Sammy, he scratched at it to make the puddle deeper then he sat right down in it to cool off.  Of course I left my camera back at CiCi so missed that priceless shot.

I called our insurance company today, Blue Sky. They represent motor homes and boats. After the woman took my information she told me an insurance adjuster would call me and come out to assess the damage,

It's bent just enough to make me feel like as were heading down the highway we will hear a tearing and see our awning across the road.  Better to get it repaired before we head out.

The next thing I'm wondering is how do I "winterize"  our home and make it cozy. We will be heading west for the winter months as far as I know now. Just in time for all the snow birds to come back to Florida.  My winterizing is  making curtains for our large windows. 

We have dual pane windows but I thought maybe curtains with backings using some of the colors of my pillows. Maybe purples and reds. Give it a gypsy feel. ;-)

So the weekend is here. Cleaning out the house. Serious pitching is going to go on!!! Hopefully.Ok, have a great night!! Chat again soon and thanks for stopping by. 



  1. Practice you Canadian. You could snow bird with the Canadians who head to Nevada ;)

    1. Hmm, would that be "eh"...? You'll have to come with us Ray!!! ;-)

  2. You're making a wonderful home there Sheila,xx Rachel