Monday, July 21, 2014

Sunday Sunday Not So Much a Rest Day

Saturday and today I decided I needed to really look at my priorities as far as my art supplies and what I need to take. My whole dream is to see America and paint it while traveling with Roger and the dogs.   That means other than doing commissions or working on my comic of Lola and The Boys, I'll be painting outdoors.  That consists of my outdoor setup and oils box, brushes and my copper panels. One large comic tablet to draw my cartoons, watercolors and brushes in my large box.  I'm thinking that can go in the car.
I also plan on chatting with my framer to see if I can get some of my frames to go in the car too.  I think CiCi Blue can tow up to 10k lbs.  Everything else?  Sigh, distancing myself so I can put it all in the estate sale.

This morning the big purchases were a Smart wi-fi router, an HD Home Run plus 2 turner Network TV signal. to broadcast to all our devices on our network and finally a Blue Ray disc player that is also wi-fi.   That will set us up completely in that department.

This afternoon when we got here Roger started to construct the bedroom re mod. for the tv.   We took the old one out and he purchased a piano hinge to hold the wood panel for the flat tv. It will be on a swivel so it can come out for viewing then be put back in place.  It will also serve as a storage area since the old tv is gone.  Pictures when it's a success.  (needs a wee bit more work)

It's good to start the engine every so often so today was the day. I was trying to make the bed in back with Sammy sprawled out on it, then he ran up front to see what Roger was doing in the drivers seat. Lola then took his position on the bed.

Since we are a rear driven diesel ,Lola was sitting in the correct spot.  Her head did the big whip!!!

I told her it was ok and laughed and she calmed down. We left it running for a bit then turned it off.  Oh wait til we actually start traveling.  She's really good in the car and usually sleeps. She has discovered the rear cargo area and goes back there to lay down. Ozzie is very happy about that. Lola takes up all the seat room. 

Well, It's Monday now since the internet wasn't very cooperative with me last night at the RV Park. Maybe with all the rain everyone was on their laptops.

There was a small problem with the water at the park yesterday. I guess the pump broke and we had no clean water.  Thankfully we bring our own bottled water since Florida is on swamp land. Last week we could smell a clorox smell and not realizing it poor Lola wasn't drinking or eating.  Duh on me. As soon as I switched to our water she was fine.  Note to self, rely on bottled water unless you are taking a shower or doing dishes. 

Tomorrow is my surgery for my left eye. Cataract.  Excited that I will be seeing forever in both eyes. I have been using my glasses for my left eye and my right eye isn't very happy about that.  Meanwhile I'm waiting for the call from our insurance adjuster to see the awning arm damage. I tried to open the awning yesterday and only one side started so I closed it up tight so as not to cause any other damage to the canvas. 

And this is how our days here right now usually end.  So have a great few days, I'll be back on Wednesday when I can see with both eyes! :-)



  1. It's ironic...I was thinking yesterday that it'll be interesting when you start the engine and move the dogs' new home. Well now they've heard the engine anyway. Love the pics of Lola and the one of the drips...