Friday, July 11, 2014


First, thank you to all my well wishers!! The right eye cataract surgery wasn't bad.  I think the worst part was having eye drops put in ,series of 4, I think every so often then the goopy numbing gel.  Thank goodness for numbing gel!! After I was given orange juice and crackers, the printed instructions for the eye drops at home then wheeled out to the car to go home.  I spent the rest of the day on the couch sleeping and Roger watching over me with occasional kisses from the kids.  Yesterday, other than going to my next day checkup, I stayed on the couch.  Then today was my first day out without the heavy blackout glasses and driving.

Around 5 I loaded the kids in the car and started the drive up to the RV! I have been wearing my glasses because the left eye still needs to see. Half way up I took them off. Up until then my right eye had been a bit blurry and I have been waiting for the lens to "kick" in so to speak.

WOW,WOW,WOW!!!! That's all I could say! For years I have been painting and seeing middle values thinking I was right on. I wasn't.  Now  I could see leaves on the trees as I drove. I covered my right eye and saw everything clouded in grays. Looking out my right eye, it was glorious!! Yellows, greens and wow the clouds!! Powder blue with bright yellow white mixture for highlights. Oh the highlights everywhere.  I could see so far down the road..crystal clear. It must be like going to the other side or regaining your site after loosing it. A fresh new world.  I can hardly wait to get the other eye done but grateful that one was done before the other so I could experience this glory.

The picture above. Way in back, middle, is a tree that looks like a y. On that tree is sitting an EAGLE. It is!!! I saw him clear as could be. White head and his white leggings. Probably my special gift. Roger couldn't see him. He just saw a bird. So I'll call my eye DR. on Monday and see if I can get him a glare test as I had to start me on this journey.

If you are seeing everything in middle values, please see a Dr and schedule a glare test to see if your cataracts have clouded your life.

Well off to watch our old movies on tv. Have a great night all!!


  1. Yay!this is the best news ever!happy bunny dance here!xx Rachel and Speedy

  2. soooooooooo glad that all went well! I knew it would!