Sunday, July 13, 2014

What Do You Do On Sunday Morning

We were able to sleep after the 5 AM piddle til almost 9 AM.  What a shock, but a delightful one!! Had our coffee then took the kids to the dog park so they could get some energy out.  Lola gets clumps of tangled hair  everywhere, so this day we thought, why not give her a shower and get the snarls out. 

There's a large tree next to us on the access to the outdoor shower hose. We tied Sammy and Ozzie to the picnic table and surprisingly and happily they laid down in the shade.  Then the "job" began. First we had to get rid of the zillion ants looking for water. I remembered I read somewhere of making a cardboard circle then cutting a smaller circle to place around your water hose . Then spray it with ant spray and it should keep them away from your rig.  Put "any spray" and "cut circle" on my to do list for tomorrow. 

Thankfully Lola loves her showers. I sat on the ground picking away at her snarled and matted hair for over an hour. We bought Cowboy Magic for just that purpose. It's for horses manes but works wonders on matted dogs fur. We learned that from a Newfoundland Breeder who taught us how to groom Lola.  Needless to say Roger and I were both soaked! But it felt great! A refreshing walk to the park after spraying the boys then home.

Our Florida storms came in soon after as Roger went to the store. 

Ozzie watching for Dad to return. He gets so worried if Dad goes anywhere. 

And, I put off this morning what I could do later.  Oh well, It's Sunday. I'll get the kitchen cleaned up in time for dinner dishes!! lol.

Off to watch the soccer match!! Have a great rest of the weekend!

Warmly, Sheila

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