Thursday, July 3, 2014

Life In The Rv So Far

To sum it up in three words, I love it!!! The simplicity of life is exactly what I have been searching for.  The closeness is comforting and the rain on the roof during a storm reminds me of summers spent on Cape Cod in our cottage growing up. The happiest of days.  I'll find room for my art supplies and I will have the whole world as my studio. ;-)

The dogs are with us all the time and we love walking with them. Or is that them running us right now. Sigh . It will get better.

(I bought a few bottles of  " Pet Corrector" . It sounds like a snake... Ok, a very loud snake. And it's supposed to scare them. Lola jumped and looked at me. Ozzie was concerned and Sammy laughed out loud.  No respect I tell you from that boy!! Lol  I have used it outside when Lola starts to "chat" at   People.  Then add "quiet Lola" .  There are water  moccasins in the lake, hopefully they don't think of this as a mating call. Egads.)

Having green plants in the RV makes it "Home" and always having a buddy to listen.

I don't need the tv on, I listen to music or the just the silence.  Well right now the hum of the AC, but even that has a calming feel to it.  I love looking out and just seeing the lake and I also know now that dry camping in the middle of no where will be my hearts desire.

Tomorrow is the 4th of July. We will be staying tonight and tomorrow night so I'm hoping I will be able to paint.  Read on...

The other side of RV-ing. LOL...

This is our ceiling up front just over the driver and passenger seats. Our projector screen decided to blow a fuse and not retract.  So the other evening we took the entire unit down thinking we would find the fuse. Oh no. We did, however, see the incredible insulation and a thousand wires that even after looking at all the  schematics in our Country Coach "Bible" ,still could not find out where the fuse was. So, this weekend we need to re-install  the panel.  That's why I may not be painting. The other job is to watch Roger walk on the roof to install our new HD antenna.  Then, install "Lou'sGate".  An RV warming gift from our friend. A retract a gate to keep our babies back when we need to run in and out.  Sammy has escaped twice.  He thinks it;s fun to run and sniff while you chase after then he comes in behind you wagging his tail and being silly.

But it's all part of the adventure!! At my house I would look out the back door, or the front door and knew that it would all be there tomorrow, every day the same.  For us now it will be something new when ever we feel like it.!! It's perfect!!

Well time for the kids dinner. A new family just moved into the park and are driving around the park on their ATV's. Lola calls out to them each time as they drive by. Soon the man in the 5th Wheel in the corner lot will ride his bicycle around the park 4 times.  I'm sure when they see me I;m the "woman whose 3 dogs pull her to the park and her arms are as long as her rig" . Shhh, my friend Lou is already working on the outline for the book!!

Have a wonderful and safe holiday!!!!

Warmly, Sheila


  1. Fantastic post and it has me running back to the Internet to continue researching pint-size RVs.... It makes my heart sing that you are so happy.

    1. Yeah!!!!!! Even a little lovingly used one would be cute!!! Xxx

  2. It sounds like you are settling in nicely! But just like a bricks & mortar home, there's always something to work! Happy 4th!

    1. that's the truth, so far thankfully on a much smaller scale! thanks.!!:-)

  3. sounds lovely,Happy 4th of july,xx Rachel

  4. this post is a testament to being happy isn't about "things", that having less and being in a smaller space can be much more comforting and fulfilling than a huge place with TONS of things! Love your attitude and enthusiasm!