Saturday, May 24, 2014

4 More Sleeps

Yes that's correct. 4 more sleeps tip we are at our new to us Country Coach Allure!!! Yikes!!!

Today I'm going through yet more stuff, throwing, keeping, heaving. How did we collect so much crap!!!

I did order 3 harnesses and tethers for the kids from Kurgo.  Still trying to figure out their food and how to get it.   Amy at Go Pet Friendly told me how they get freeze dried. For my size kids though we'd be having a delivery every week.  Sigh.

Thought I'd show you some fun pool pics today since today here is 94 degrees out side.  This is Sammy leaping.

And our Chocolate boy , Ozzie.
Lola is not a pool girl. She did fall in once and did a beautiful breast stroke hurriedly towards the other side of the pool. I never realized that Newfies don't swim like other dogs.  They actually do a breast stroke to enable them to save people.  I better not have any issues in the pool since she'd be standing there saying, "Oh no, sorry, chlorine is so bad for my hair!!"
So, back to cleaning out. Have a safe weekend and a happy holiday!!!


  1. Keep that blog said, you are decrapifying your life. That's a wonderful thing.

  2. If you know your route beforehand, you can always have your food dropped at UPS Stores along the way.

  3. You will have the time of your life . . . go for it, Sheila and family!!

  4. Good luck on all of your new adventures & travels

  5. So incredibly excited for you!! I admire your adventurous spirit!

  6. What kind of food do you buy for the dogs? If you have amazon prime and can order it from them, it can be delivered to RV parks. I love your description of your throwing crap out! I found it amazing what I could live without. I am enjoying your enthusiasm and you honest way of blogging. Very glad you are getting your dogs safety harnesses. Our two always travel in their seatbelt harnesses. Too many scary stories of loose dogs in rvs and cars. We don't travel with our children loose in vehicles. Keep posting!

    1. Cathie, so glad you mentioned Amazon prime! we have been getting Arcana Pacifica but just found another equally good for less and on prime!!! Woohoo.
      thanks again. I looked at freeze dried but would need a bag a day for the three and for the month it came to about 800.00 ! so I found another salmon food. excited!