Friday, May 9, 2014

Yeah It's The Weekend..Oh No,I need To Clean.

This is the moment of truth! Posting this picture I feel I will have to make a huge dent in it tomorrow.  The garage had once been my studio. I had rented a storage unit and put all the skis, winter coats and other weird items in there. Then I stopped renting and brought it all back when I got my "real" studio .

I've been in there moving things about but still it's a nightmare. My goal is to pitch, separate and clear everything so I can put my treadmill in there along with my other exercise things. (I fell off the treadmill not long after I bought it and tore my meniscus. Surgery followed which brought a huge halt to my running. sigh.)

I'll hopefully get other items for selling in there and then go to Craigslist. The word is from "High Command" (Roger) We can't get our RV til this is gone.  I'm stoked. I also eyed a beauty of a 2001 Beaver Patriot, 38', that I love.  So game on!!! My hope that through the summer more choices will be appearing and the perfect RV will show itself to us, But I'd love that one.

 (You'll hear me fall in love with many RV's until we get ours. )

So. for now, off to ship again, get my hair done and get bones for the kids !

Pics of progress tomorrow!!

Warmly, Sheila


  1. I'm on my way with the bulldozer.

  2. OMG!!! I could just kiss you and hug you and lick your face... Oh, no wait that last one would be my dogs... My house looks just like what you are trying to get rid of in your garage. I have started the process also. I bought a 36' new to me Pace Arrow 3 years ago. Due to unseen circumstances. ie: broken wrist. I had to put my dreams on hold for awhile but... I am back at it. Don't you wonder how you ended up with all this stuff? Why we kept it? Are we nuts? lol? ( I already know the answer to that one) I know the more I toss the better I feel. Just found the link to your blog @ Me, My Dog, and My RV... Good luck! I will keep checking in on you. Wish me luck too! I'm going through 58 years of "treasures"... Lordy, Lordy...

    1. I know!!!! I think at one time a small piece of paper was so important..LOL. Exciting you have your Pace Arrow!!! I know, now to get rid of the "stuff" I think we can encourage each other to keep going. Stay in touch. (crawling back to couch now) lol