Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Friday we are heading to Daytona, Florida. No not for Bike week, though we would love it, but instead for looking at RV's. Lazy Days will be there from tomorrow thru Sunday.

I had another contact today about a Holiday Rambler Neptune! 4 slides. 36' and with the slides plenty of room for us all ,yet comfortable to drive.  Well you already know.  Someone had put a deposit down on it about 5 minutes before we spoke.  I swear I'm a good luck charm for the company. lol (They don't need me, they do fantastic)

We chatted a bit about this and that. Good information for us.  Then I asked about another RV I liked and he said it had sold. It wasn't on the web site but what happened the person who was buying it had his  financing fail.  In another life I may have gone, yeah for us. At that moment all I could say was "oh the poor guy."   It got me to thinking, what are we looking for? Do we want to spend every cent on something with high payments or maybe rethink and get something older and sturdy and add on what we want. Solar panels and a composting toilet.  Our goal is to dry camp a lot so we need to rethink.  At least until Friday!! ;-)

I'm sure you've seen the commercial. Buy one, get one free. A table top induction plate. As you check out they of course ask, add this? add that?  Well I love it!! They send you a few free things but we bought a set of nice stainless steel pots and pans to go with it since the magnet attraction, (not sure if that's how one would explain the pan to induction top thing) only works with stainless steel.  So since we bought this we haven't used anything else. No heat, no flames and it cooks things up so fast it's amazing.

Perfect for the RV. NUWAVE  Just so you can see it in action. I get nothing from this. It's just a handy dandy cook top to have. Oh and I wanted a pressure cooker so that was added. Roger, the family cook, loves it.,!!! We also have another cooker which I'll share tomorrow.

Lola was sick for a few days so I stayed at home today. She's doing great now. It was a change in food til the regular shipment arrived of her Pacifica by Arcana. I get delivery by Chewy every two weeks. Two large bags but either the kids are eating more or they are behind in shipping. Sigh.  In all of this Sammy is depressed.  Mumma was gushing over the sick baby and Sam feels left out. Sigh. Roger takes Ozzie to agility practice tonight so I'll so some throwing of tennis balls out back for him.  Good fun.

Have a great night...



  1. During my search for a rig, I never wanted to spend a lot and have high payments. I bought one and sold it 7 months later finding it wasn't the right rig for me. I decide to look at something older but by a reputable manufacturer. I just bought an older Holiday Rambler 33', no slides. Waiting for the weather to stop raining so I can bring it home. I plan on hitting the road by June 15 to get away from the Midwest humidity and also stay gone long enough to miss the winters. In some cases older is better, they all have repairs no matter what year they are.

  2. Steve, I think that's the way we will go. Missed the Holiday Rambler Endeavor a few weeks ago. Low price and great condition! Love to see pics of your new rig when you get it home!!