Saturday, May 10, 2014

Garage Day

First thing this morning, coffee and cereal! It's Sammy's birthday so I sang then went to the garage to start the emptying!!

An enthusiastic me going to the garage. I actually opened the garage door for the first time in years!  Having it be my studio at one time I placed paintings and stuff on all the door frames.  I'm sure the sun hurt the garages eyes. 

So it begins. Armed with industrial sized plastic bags I started hauling ands throwing. A separate box was for papers when Roger and I have a shredding party or I find a place to bring them too. Right about this time the heat and humidity was getting to me. But trying to be somewhat organized in my way.

Believe it or not the left side of the garage are things for a yard sale but as Cathie said on one of my comments this morning, "Estate Sale" Old paintings and all.  Roger put out a couple of computer towers that he was throwing. Sammy tried to get out the door but Roger saved the day. I brought the towers to the curb and turning my foot slipped on the edge of the driveway into the swale. There I was stretched out on the driveway, landing on the same hand I fell on a few weeks ago while I washing the tile floors and went flying.
Needless to say I stopped.  

Years ago  I was emptying out a house I owned in Dover, NH. My son and I were throwing things madly into a huge dumpster we rented. I then went into our barn to see what was in the cellar when the second step broke and I went spiraling to the ground. Thankfully there were about 20 old tires I landed on. The scene was actually very funny because my son heard my voice and my laughter but couldn't find me.  From that incident I felt the house wanted me to leave. It was time to go.  Hmmm.  

Every barrel is filled to the top with bags and boxes. My car is filled with things that are going to storage for a bit.

And me??? I'm going into the shower and get the garage dust off!! I'll tackle more during the week!!

Thanks for stopping by. 
Warmly, Sheila 


  1. Sounds like cleaning out the garage is not on your list of favorite activities....good start...except for the falling part. Yikes.

  2. I think I l♥ve you... You fall down as much as I do... Sigh...

    1. I have a tendency to not pay attention. LOL Silly feet!!!

  3. Oh gosh, I'm exhausted just reading and looking at the photos......that was us this time last year. Take care and don't get injured anymore :-).

    1. Trying. LOL..I am so sore tonight..LOL But I know I'll be happy at the end!

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