Thursday, May 8, 2014

Throw Back Thursday

Funny, I found this photo the other day. Thinner and in my mid 40's and had met Roger. We camped allot in Errol, New Hampshire at Umbagog Lake.  I loved it. Ok, so my back started killing me after the third day on the ground. Roger told me they were special camping mats we were on but I sure didn't think they were so special.  We would swim at the small beach there and on Sunday a bi-plane came in and I bravely went for a ride around the lake.  Have to say I was exhilarated even though I thought we'd die for sure!

We'd come back in the afternoon and sit right by the edge of the water and I'd paint and watch the tiny fish swim up close to us. One night we had lobster and small potatoes. I know..yum. The next morning Roger asked where the left over potatoes were so he could make some for breakfast and I told him I did know where they were. Oops. I threw them in the lake for the fish the night before.  How did I know then that fish weren't fond of potatoes!! They were close to shore and soaking in water all night but he didn't want them. hahaha.  (He's the cook by the way)

So even back then I knew that I loved this type of life. Painting and exploring.  "Moosing" at 5pm. Just at dusk the moose would wander out of the forest to, I'm sure, look at us.  Early mornings they would be across the lake wading looking for food, OR, Small potatoes!!!!

See you to the RV sites "in search of...:"

Warmly, Sheila


  1. Love that story - reminds me of camping and/or fishing fun in my 40s. Cold nights and gorgeous days, so much fun! :)

    1. Wasn't it!!!! I'm hoping to recreate some of those times. With a comfy bed though! ;-)