Monday, May 5, 2014

Trying To Get The Blog Going And Starting To Clean

Living the artist's dream? Dear lord, what am I going to do with all this "STUFF". ?  

Since Roger and I decided this is what we wanted to do , go full time in an RV, I've been pulling things out and throwing or saving. This had been my old art studio  before my "driving to work" one. Clutter, odds and ends, paintings. Thank God for eBay.   I rented a storage unit for art that didn't sell or I didn't want to part with as yet. That needs to figure into our budget when we go. 

Why an RV? Well as I say I have the heart of a gypsy. Beyond that I'm tired of doing lawn work, repairing the fence that keeps falling apart and just looking at the same scene day in and day out.  

We traveled to Scotland a few times and each time I wanted to move there. The vast open spaces in the Highlands, the wind, the quiet. Then I realized I could have that here,  Go west young man, so to speak.  I'm somewhat of a loner and have always been able to entertain myself as a child and the thought of just waking up and walking the dogs and painting everyday sounds glorious.  And oh yes, repair the RV. As they call them, earthquakes on wheels! 

Have we found one yet? Not as yet but we have climbed in and out of practically every class A that we see at shows.  (getting my knees in shape since we don't have stairs in Florida)    We did have our eyes on a 2002 Holiday Rambler Endeavor but as I just went to look on line I saw it sold. Heart sinking. I guess that one wasn't meant for us. I do check  Lazy Days RV daily because I'm feeling that's where we will go to buy. (And learn how to drive it) Oh ya..that.!!!  Another thing I do daily is read The RV forum . It has been so helpful in learning everything you need to know and more about RV living, buying and repairing.  My Kindle has so many RV books that I've read cover to cover.  I also follow Wheeling It  Good information and fun to hear about their adventures!

Funny story recently when we were climbing in and out of a Class A. It was a 2000 Winnebago Journey. In good shape as I walked around looking at every window seal and every nook and cranny.  he seemd of course eager to sell it to us and I asked what Horse Power.  He replied, 260.  I said we were hoping for something 300 or more. We would be going into the mountains towing my 2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee.  He replied, "Oh It's the same HP, 260 is just the same as 300. You'll have no problem" . He may be correct but I'm thinking after reading reports on I'd have to start racing from Florida to make it over a mountain. Maybe if he had said it would be slower with a 260 HP it would have made sense to me. 

Bless Roger, he knows I read everything, he calls it obsessive. I guess it goes with my ADHD, but in this case maybe a good thing!! lol

What am I doing as an artist to prepare? Got a great rolling box that all my paints fit into. Also started a small "comic strip" about us preparing to go RV-ing through the eyes of out dogs. It will be an ongoing update. 

One of the pages!  The book will be called "Lola and The Boys"

Then since I will be painting outdoors, I have been going with other artists friend painting in various places. 

"Castaway Point Park" Palm Bay, Florida Oil On Copper

Then , finally, the one that got away.

Sigh. I was planning on calling it "The Shuttle" . Sigh

Til tomorrow!!! Going painting in the morning right after I throw 5 garbage bags out for the guys!!!  

Warmly, Sheila


  1. Wonderful blog...I'following you for sure...

  2. Thank you Lou!!! Hope you enjoy riding along on the adventure!!!

  3. Welcome to the world of blogging. I'm looking forward to following along with you guys! :)

    1. Thanks. Looking forward to hearing more about you and Katie!!!

    2. Thanks. Looking forward to hearing more about you and Katie!!!

  4. So exited to get in on the beginnings of your new life on the road. Maybe we can encourage each other... I can't wait to get on the road and spread out the art supplies...

  5. I love this Sheila! Makes me feel closer...i have really missed you guys!