Sunday, August 3, 2014

A True Day of Rest For Us

So after days of shoveling and sorting, we are still not finished.  A little more organized but not finished.  I'm getting my art supplies sorted out so I'm happy about that but now where to put it. (I discovered the under the bed drawer!!) whoo hoo.

Today is Sunday and I'm not doing a thing. Well, change sheets, dust,vacuum and put away laundry but now that's fun stuff in CiCi Blue.  It's interesting to feel the change take over from house to RV. I no longer "Live" at the house in Palm Bay, my home now is on wheels.

Tomorrow I will clean some more at the house and probably take Sammy to the vets. sigh. He has a parasite possibly and hasn't been able to hold anything in. We make quite a few runs to the dog park!! Thankfully he sits by the front door to let us know he needs to go.  I'll ask Roger to go get rice and chicken later hopefully and that may help Sam to bind.

August! Rick, from American RV Repair, called and told us he heard from Blue Sky RV Insurance. We did too. Our check for the repairs to our awning should be here on Tuesday. Rick is ordering the arms, we will have a pair, and has already secured helpers to redo our awning.  We will use one arm and travel with a spare. Just in case!!

Next, we need to change our Florida address. Check on an addition to Medicare and possibly looking into trading in our two cars and get a new to us Jeep that will be good to go. For that we'll need hook up equipment and a tow bar for the coach.  I'm ready...I hope. Hahaha.

Ok, heading for that couch..I feel a snooze coming on.  Roger and I have both said this is so emotionally draining as well as physical. It's worth it!!

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Anhinga drying his wings across the "lake" 


  1. Take it Easy Like Sunday for sure. Purrrrs to Sammy.

  2. yep Sunday is for resting,hope Sammy feels better soon,xx Rachel