Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Parade Has Started And Thank God For Rubber Mallets

We have done it!!!  I drove up and put the house key into the drop box of the estate sale company! Roger brought up his computer stuff and clothes and equipment and the RV looks like a bomb went off. He needs to wok tomorrow so I'll be here with the mess. (my final mess is still in my car) Cheese and crackers, wine and a little tv before we crash. The kids seem happy and will be really thrilled we're not going in the car tomorrow!!!

So this morning we turned on the generator. It's good to let it run every so often to let it know it's alive. (so to speak) Generators with low numbers on them haven't been used and tend to break.  Our's is happy!
We waited about 15 minutes then turned it off. Roger turned the a/c back on and realized we were running on our inverter not shore power.  We tried that a few more times. When you turn off the generator you should hear a click sound indicating that the generator is switching over. No click.  Oh-oh. At one time I ran to the back of the coach to where the box is and listened. Nothing. Panic. It's Sunday and to call Rick it possibly could be an emergency visit. Panic.  Out came the "Bible". No information there to help us.

Dear Google...When we turn off our generator the transfer switch is not putting us back to shore power.

Google came right back with exactly what I needed. One of the forums had this problem and after reading many thoughts one sounded sane! Hit the box that houses the ATS. Automatic transfer switch. Of course!

Last week I actually found a rubber mallet in our garage and brought it here. So down to the basement I flew and came back with the tool!  As I watched the front panel showing the lights indicating "inverter" or "A/C Charge "  Whap..whap..(omg, we are hitting something in the "danger High voltage" box. ) Nothing. The inverter light stayed loosened the switch and the light changed to A/C Charge.

Ok, the visual now is two 67 year old adults dancing around ,totally giddy, yelling that we fixed it!!!  High fives and another cup of coffee while retelling the story of the automatic transfer switch!!

Hoping that other incidences will be as "easy"?  They will be challenging and fun. Hmm, maybe I should write a book about how to fix things with a rubber mallet!

Going to bed now..LOOOONG day. Kids are happy and so are we.

Warmly, Sheila           


  1. Replies
    1. It has been given a special place in our RV!!! LOL

  2. Replies
    1. Totally Miriam!!! Not a boring day..sort of looking forward to one though maybe!! lol

  3. Hahaha if in don't give it a whapping,loveit,xx Rachel

    1. Rachel, Just glad it worked and we didn't do more damage!! haha..xx