Thursday, August 21, 2014

Rick And The Rear View Camera

This morning about 8: 30 A.M. our mobile RV repair man Rick came with his trailer and truck.  As I took the kids to the park before it got to hot, Rick started searching for why the we can't work the projector screen.

Now here's a good advertisement for Rick. It's great having him come to the coach rather than us driving somewhere and having to wait forever.  I then asked him if he could take a look at our rear view camera and see if he could repair that.  He looked at it and asked me if I hit the switch to turn it on. The switch??? What switch, where is this switch. He sat at the wheel and turned to the button on the side console with the "camera" on it. Duh. He pushed it and voila' was repaired!!  We had a good laugh as he knows we are total newbies at this motor home adventure.   The dogs were lounging on the couch and giggled too.

The next issue we noticed and I showed him is the bow in the front window separating the window from the dash. I never noticed it before but Roger said tonight he remembered seeing duck tape on the dash when we first saw the coach. Hmm.  I asked the iRV2 Forum what we should do and one comment was duck tape to stop the whistling. We will also be looking around here for a shop to look at it before we take off. Coming down to the wire. Yikes. Well the sales person who did the PDI inspection with us did say we had a huge learning curve with our CiCi Blue!!  My goal is to save up so when we do get to the Mother Ship we can get some work done on her. Flooring, not rug is number 1. (the Mother Ship is Country Coach in Oregon)

The memory foam mattress last night...oh, you didn't know, was amazing. I went to Target and purchased a 3" memory foam mattress topper and put it on our bed. Can you say heaven?? What a difference..instead on sleeping say, on the ground, we are sleeping on a cloud. And..I got it on sale!! I actually could get out of bed this morning and move.  I also found out our mattress is a standard Queen so our sheets will fit.  Silly me buying a short set of sheets thinking the Queen was an RV short, and my aggravation in the middle of the night when the corners would slip off.  Ahh, learning curves.

Another photo of Sammy is his new back pack!! He's the dog!!!

Have a great night!!


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