Monday, August 11, 2014

My First Full Day

This is what I woke up to today.  Over to the left is Roger's computer stuff, winter clothes, shoes and a box of wires. 

Not sure if there's a difference this afternoon but I did bring in my stuff and got it put away. Hung one of those small compartment canvas things in the closet for my shoes and got them in. Even had room for other sundries. Did all the dishes and put away all the utensils and even put velcro on the bottom of our utensil tray so it will stop moving. 

This weekend hopefully Roger will get his computer desk then we can install "Lou's Gate" . Agility Ozzie knows how to jump over the front gate so we need a sturdier one further back. 

Just came back from the dog park once again. Rainy and puddles everywhere. Lola is loving it running and putting her whole head into the water. Oh and yes the mud. Towels are everywhere here right now. It's all washable and eventually we will be replacing the carpet with tile. Who ever thought of putting carpeting in an RV. UGH.

So, my left eye is bothering me after the cataract surgery. Constant headache. Seeing the Dr on Wednesday. I sprained my thumb and my back is out after Lola smashed into me today after we got out of CiCI Blue.  So I'm having a tough time walking. Hahaha. Buy Solon pas stock because I'm stocking up. We have a tens unit which I am communing with 24/7.  I said to Roger this healthy life style is doing us in. Haha. My goal, get strong, be pain free and healthy. I may be 100 when it happens but I'm determined!!! 

Hopefully tomorrow I will paint. Why not? My shoes are safe and sound in CiCi Blue and I'm happy. I brought one pair of heeled sandals. So the heel has dog bites on it but Roger said as he held them up...ah..where will you be wearing these??? Bless him...One never knows.  So it's two pairs of cowboy boots, a pair of hiking boots, sneakers, Labrador flip flops and a pair of black heeled sandals.!! I'm ready!! 

Have a great night!!


PS, fun thing happened. The people next to us over the weekend and came in with a trailer. The next day they came back with a 33' Bounder. Really nice and shiny.  In their 40's and traveling the US full time. Very exciting. We are on  A great site for Rv ers to connect.  When I went on this evening I saw there were two people at our RV Park.  Hopefully we will meet up again somewhere on the road!!


  1. Sounds like you're getting settled in, little by little. Progress every day. Yay! You're living the life, Girlfriend! Sounds like you're liking it more & more every day.. Enjoy!

    1. Thanks Margi....looking forward to seeing you soon and having you see the rig! xx

  2. We've all gone through the "bomb" phase - you'll get there! Funny about the heeled shoes, I did the same thing, but haven't worn them yet. Probably never will, but if I'm invited to something fancy, by God, I'm ready. LOL

    When I first started on the road, I kept banging every part of my body into everything. Black and blue - I still have a mark on my leg that will probably never fade, I hit it more than once. Such a small space, it took some getting used to. Also slid off the entry step in the rain twice. Luckily I was never really hurt, but I sure learned to move slow and small and carefully. Took a little time, though. :)

    1. Oh'll have to meet up sometime and sit, have coffee and wear our heels. Just because!!! lol
      The thing I did learn too was not wearing flip flops in the rain. I almost slipped on the stairs and then the dogs pull me out of them when we walk in the rain. It really is a whole new learning experience!!