Saturday, August 23, 2014

Living The Dream And Laundry

Slept a bit late since Roger was home today but Lola kept "talking" waking me up. I forgot it's her way of telling me she needs to go. Poor girl. Off to the dog park.  It's also laundry day. I need quarters for the laundry here at the park and my washer dryer takes forever and really small loads.  Roger went to get the mail and other stuff in Palm Bay and I threw in a small load in our unit. It's still's been over two? hours. Oh well, my shoes so needed to be washed after stepping in all sorts of things if you get my drift.

I looked at the painting I did yesterday and just felt a little blah about it.  I'm also finding it hard to take a descent photo of my work too.  Roger's computer isn't set up yet and mine doesn't have photoshop to crop. It's going to be hit of miss for awhile.  I took this one leaning up against the grill outside to try and get natural light on it.  Anyway, I added more values today.  My style is Impressionistic so I give you the feeling of how I see it at that particular time.  I may paint this scene a few more times to see how it changes and at different times of the day. Watch out Monet!!!

103 degrees out today so our venture out was quick. Piddles and right back in. Talk about a true dog day afternoon. The kids are sleeping away.  Oops, I disturbed him!!

And one more pic of the painting taken inside on my counter.  I'll have to look and see if the Chromebook has a program that will allow me to crop.

Ok, the laundry unit is just starting to blink which means it's cooling down and soon I'll be able to open the door and take out the 5 items in there.  Excited to have clean shoes at least!

Have a great night and stay cool...see you tomorrow.



  1. I do love that painting Sheila and yes the are lots of different photo editing apps on the chromebook so you should find what you need,xx Rachel

  2. Haven't found the perfect one yet Rachel, any recommendations? xx