Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Sammy's New Outfit And Holy Hot

Sammy's backpack came today. I was excited putting our site number on the order and when the UPS man beeped, he laughed because I wasn't # 7, I was # 6.  Seeing we are the only rig in the row I was easy to find.

Sammy's new backpack. I need to tighten underneath his belly. Sammy has lumps. They are non cancerous, thankfully, but just get in the way at times. He looked at me like.."Seriously?? Something else to wear?" I put a bottle of water in each section. I wish they were a bit larger but probably just perfect since it's weight he hasn't had before.  He walked a bit slower but not so much. I'll up the weight as we go during the week.

Tonight we went to the dog park and the only place I could deal with the heat was to sit on the grass in the shade.  As you see Lola joined me!!

Oh those kids!!! Lola knocked me over then Ozzie and Sammy came to see. They figured I was doing something fun! I was...I was rolling around like a Weeble!!!

I'm happy we have a lighter color motor home since I have read that black rigs hold in the heat more. Figures. Even though CiCiBlue is lighter I could only imagine what a black coach would have been in this heat. I was able to give the arm of the awning a big wack and got it to stick to the magnet.  Then I opened the awning. I may leave it out tonight as I doubt we have any storms coming over and we'll have a head start on the day tomorrow.  It's the humidity. (we have had a pool for the past 15 years at the house..guess I've been spoiled)  May I say I'm Colorado dreaming!!??

That's it for today.  Have a great night!! 

Warmly, (ironic isn't it...)



  1. Yay Sammy. Glad your new gear arrived. You look very professional. In it.

  2. He says thank you!!! Hope it works!!!

  3. the new gear looks good,paws crossed for Sammy,xx Rachel