Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Linen Shirt Goes Cause I'm not Ironing

So my second day.... Sadly, watched the Today show about the death of Robin Williams. I keep the Day/night shades down and snuggle on the couch with Sammy and Ozzie. Lola lays down beside us on the floor and we get maybe another hour of snoozing.  We made it to about 8:15 A.M. today.

Boiled eggs and coffee then I start my day. At the house I would just head out to the studio but now there's a different schedule. The kids now know it's time to get their collars on (getting dressed) and off we go to the dog park.  Today I remembered to wear my rain boots so when I had to go get Lola out of her puddle I could just splash right in. (Actually I just love splashing)  When we got home they take a nap and I emptied the gray tank so I could do a small amount of laundry.  We have a washer/dryer, (where is the lint trap???) that takes a small amount which is perfect.  The sign on it says to be sure and open a window because it could cause negative air pressure. Don't want that, so I opened windows to find I was getting a beautiful cross breeze through the rig.  Anyway, one item was a large linen shirt that I stole from Roger. I love linen. When the laundry was finished, about an hour or so, I took the poor shirt out and it was wrinkled into a small ball.  I'll now stick to my comfy denim shirts. No ironing in this bus!!!

In between floors, laundry, another trip to the park I actually sent out a final email to followers of my art telling them to follow me now on this blog. I hope they do. Then I did a quick painting out the window of CiCi Blue.  Still working on values but I know once I'm actually outside doing work I'll get it.  It made me happy to paint though today.  I keep putting things in "safe" places so this was oils on gessoed board rather than my beloved copper. Yes, I put that in a safe place too. sigh.

The kids ate at 5, so I'm waiting for an hour before we go to the park.  Lola loves flying into the air so high it makes me nervous. lol..(I'm envious) so I keep her quiet after eating so she won't develop bloat.

Ok..I'm going to have a glass of wine and chat with Roger about our day...you have a great night too!! Cheers!



  1. A day in paradise. Sounds like you are easing into RV life. Super!!!

  2. That is a lovely painting Sheila,love hearing about your life,xx Rachel

  3. Thanks Rachel, today I reworked it a bit more. Never satisfied. Haha!! Xx